Results 2023

2023: A year of achievements for Oncoclínicas&Co

In 2023, Oncoclínicas&Co delivered exceptional financial performance driven by strategic advances in oncology and an increased commitment to access to world-class cancer treatments. The company leveraged a highly specialized business model that resulted in impressive growth in profit and treatment numbers, increased shareholder value and demonstrated robust operational health in its most recent financial report.

Founded in 2010, Oncoclínicas&Co ended 2023 with an outstanding net profit of R$312.6 million, a significant increase of 174.7% compared to the previous financial year. During this period, the company also performed a record number of approximately 635,000 procedures, representing a growth of 26.8% compared to 2022. Reflecting management efforts, the expansion of services and new strategic partnerships, gross revenue increased by 35.1%, reaching R$ 6 billion.

As the largest group dedicated to cancer care in Latin America, Oncoclínicas&Co has performed more than 1.8 million procedures in the last four years and remains committed to excellence in patient care. Oncoclínicas&Co is committed to setting new standards of excellence by translating cutting-edge scientific knowledge into consolidated practices, expanding its network to 143 units in 38 cities in 2023.

Parallel to technical and scientific development, the company focused on organic growth and the continuous improvement of its business model. This development provided the necessary reach and scale in negotiations with suppliers, cost efficiency and the promotion of innovation, while democratizing access to oncology treatments in Brazil.

“These figures reflect our commitment to technology, medical excellence, and hyper-specialization for the benefit of our patients, while maintaining cost efficiency and seeking internal efficiency gains,” emphasizes Bruno Ferrari, founder and CEO of Oncoclínicas.

Future Vision

Given the alarming estimates of the incidence of cancer in Brazil, Oncoclínicas&Co is determined to push the boundaries further. The company has invested in several initiatives to strengthen its activities in the medium and long term.

An important milestone was the opening of the first cancer center in collaboration with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute International Collaborative, a world-renowned cancer treatment institute. In addition, the company is the owner of Boston Lighthouse Innovation, a bioinformatics company based in Cambridge (USA), and holds shares in MedSir, a Spanish company dedicated to the development and management of clinical trials for independent cancer research. The company also collaborates on projects with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, one of the most prestigious multidisciplinary scientific and research institutions in the world.

Excellence, commitment and compassionate care are the foundations of Oncoclínicas&Co’s strategy in fulfilling its mission to fight cancer. This reaffirms the company’s commitment to quality standards and its goal of providing the best possible patient experience.