Who We are

Grupo Oncoclínicas is the result of a pioneering initiative in the management and administration of oncological services.

Founded in 2010, it has accumulated over these years great achievements in cancer treatments, and is today considered one of the largest and most respected groups in oncology, hematology and radiotherapy in Latin America. The relevance is reinforced by the exclusive partnership in Brazil with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, one of the most respected in the world, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

The Grupo Oncoclínicas area of ​​activity covers 10 of the main Brazilian states and Federal District. Currently, there are about 70 units with specialists in the areas of oncology, radiotherapy, hematology and bone marrow transplantation, complementary care and the very latest in integrated care.

The patient is the center of everything

At the essence of Grupo Oncoclínicas, the patient is the center of everything. It is for him that we seek the most advanced treatments and the highest level of quality and safety. It is for him that we work and dedicate ourselves, daily, to offering comprehensive, individualized and multidisciplinary care, respecting the concept of integration of the oncology chain in all our work fronts.

To achieve excellence in our entire line of care, we have a highly qualified clinical staff, with multidisciplinary teams, which include nursing, pharmacy, nutrition, psychology and dentistry, among others. They are trained professionals committed to welcoming patients and their families.

We believe that it is essential to know and understand each patient’s life story in order to offer comprehensive and interdisciplinary care, close and with personalized treatment. Therefore, we combine the highest level of comfort, safety and convenience with the most advanced cancer treatments.

YOUR LIFE, OUR LIFE. On the horizon, the cure. In the center, the patient.

OC Precision Medicine. A new era on precision medicine

In line with this goal, in February 2020, the Grupo Oncoclínicas inaugurated OC Precision Medicine, a high-tech laboratory that brings together genomics and pathological analysis. Tumor genes are analyzed in somatic panels, with artificial intelligence resources, directing treatments according to the specific needs of each individual, one of the strongest trends in oncology. The OC Precision Medicine allows, among other things, to carry out the study of hereditary cancer syndromes and also the sequencing of the exome, which includes the analysis of more than 20,000 human genes.

Oncoclinicas. Your Life, Our Life

It is from the plurality of its initiatives that Grupo Oncoclínicas reinforces its mission to beat cancer, with the purpose of taking care of our patients’ lives as if they were our own.

Commitment to Quality

Evaluate our services and identify areas for improvement. Establish standardized processes to increase our efficiency. Work to reduce risks. Adopt best practices across our range of care. This has been the routine of Grupo Oncoclínicas in its constant search to offer all the safety and high quality services to each one of its patients.

Four JC units and one Canadian unit received the most important and relevant international certifications: Accreditation Canada, in the Diamond category, and JCI – Joint Commission International.

Therefore, we encourage our clinics to obtain and revalidate the quality seals in the healthcare area, called accreditations and certifications.

Many others have already won the ONA 3 seal – the highest level of quality granted by the ONA – National Accreditation Organization, responsible for the main national methodology for evaluating and improving the management, quality and safety of care in the health sector, with the System as standards Brazilian for Accreditation.

Each accreditation is an achievement. A recognition that proves our commitment to the excellence of services and care for our patients.